Would you like to distribute your fulldome show in Japan?

Would you like to distribute your fulldome show in Japan?

 If possible our company would like the opportunity to distribute your fulldome show in Japan. Japan has one of the leading fulldome show markets in the world.
 You probably think that working with Japanese planetarium manufacturers  would allow you to distribute to more planetariums than with our company.
 However, most Japanese planetariums are capable of fulldome show settings, so there is no need for a manufacturer for distribution, but rather simply sending a hard disk to the planetarium facility is sufficient.
 Furthermore, there are 3 large problems with distribution in Japan. However, our company is capable of solving all of these.

1) Japanese translation and narration
 Our company has translated 15 fulldome shows from English into Japanese so far and recorded narration for them. Furthermore, our company also produces original fulldome shows, so we possess the know-how required to do so.


Adler Planetarium
 Imagine the moon 
 Planet nine 
Fulldome Film Society
Double dome
  Life’s Question
Render area
  Travelling with Light
  From Earth to the Universe
  The Hot and Energetic Universe
  The Sun  Our living star
Theofanis Matsopoulos
  Stepping on other planets
  Mars the Red planet 
  Farewell Cassini
  Capturing the starlight
  Earth’s Climate

2) Paperwork and procedures
 Japanese business is very troublesome and complicated. Distribution requires various procedures including application procedure to local government, and our company can perform all of them on your behalf.

3) Publicity
 I have been working at a planetarium for nearly 30 years, so I have many friends as well as unique publicity methods and connections. Our company also visits planetariums directly to present them with explanations. Our company’s publicity abilities can stand up to those of a planetarium manufacturer.

 Because our company does not manufacture or sell any original hardware, we can sell at a low cost. This will lead to increased opportunities to distribute your fulldome show.
 Furthermore, Japanese planetarium manufacturers and other distribution companies produce fulldome shows with large amounts of capital. Naturally they prioritize the sales of those shows in order to recover the production costs, giving less priority to other things.

 Of course our company also produces fulldome shows, but they are low-cost and their market does not overlap with your show. Therefore, we are able to devote all our efforts to selling your fulldome show.
 Our company has distributed more than 40 over fulldome shows including those produced in Japan to roughly about over 50 planetariums, and these numbers continue to increase.

 If you entrust your fulldome show with our company, it will be a chance to introduce it to planetariums all around Japan and many Japanese people are sure to see and be moved by your work.
 If you are interested in distributing your fulldome show in Japan, please inquire with our company. We would be very pleased to help you.
As I would like to take the time to properly understand and respond to your questions, I would ask that you please inquire by email.

I look forward to your reply.

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