RENAISSANCE A New Era of Telescopes

RENAISSANCE – A New Era of Telescopes –

At the same time that the artistic culture of the Renaissance was blossoming,the world of astronomy was also being reborn.
The geocentric view that the Earth is at the center of the universe was challenged by growing evidence that the planets revolve around the Sun.
The invention of the telescope acted as a trigger to change how we see the world around us.
Now, 400 years later, we are entering yet another renaissance.

Tycho explored the secrets of the universe through observations using the naked eye.
Kepler’s research fortified the heliocentric theory.
The accidental invention of the telescope was soon followed by Galileo’s series of discoveries using that very device.
Newton invented the reflecting telescope and revolutionized the science behind it.
Each of these steps led to the creation of today’s nextgeneration telescopes like the ELT, the Hubble, and the James Webb,opening up new fields in astronomy and moving the human quest forward another 400 years.

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Narrator:Darrell Smith
Script & Director : KATO Osamu 
Translation : Darrell Smith
Recording : YANAGI Kazuhito / ONE NINE Sound Produce
Illustrations : HACHOJI
Produce & Copyright : Altair LLC ( JAPAN )

2024 release / Fulldome show / 27min
4K Dome Master JPEG  PNG
Stereo  , 5.1 Surround
English , Japanese

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